Our Story

Welcome! We are so glad to meet you!

In December of 2020 after months of a pandemic, The Turquoise Tortuga was born. The Turquoise Tortuga was first dreamed up as a hobby to pass the time of quarantine but it soon bloomed into so much more.

Making candles is not just a hobby for us. It is now a passion and a way of life. The Turquoise Tortuga is family owned and this allows us to pour each candle by hand with care into one of our reusable or recyclable vessels. All of our scents are mixed at just the right ratios to create a full scent throw unique to our brand. We knew we wanted our candles to be clean and eco-friendly and that is why we make all of our candles with 100% soy wax, free of paraffin, phthalates, other toxic chemicals, and our wicks are lead and zinc free.

We not only pour the best candles but we pour the best candles for our planet. We also donate a percentage of our proceeds to marine conservation. 

If you are wondering who the faces are behind the candle making - you’ve come to the right page. Jennifer and Kaiti are the heart and soul behind The Turquoise Tortuga. We are the ones pouring and testing the candles as well as running the social media! We are so glad to meet you!