Fall Scented Candles to Cozy Up This Season - The Turquoise Tortuga

Fall Scented Candles to Cozy Up This Season - The Turquoise Tortuga

Fall Scented Candles

There’s something about fall scented candles that makes everyone feel cozy and warm. Maybe it’s the feeling of nostalgia for crisp autumn days spent raking leaves or enjoying a mug of apple cider by the fire with your loved ones. Now that it is FINALLY fall, we are obsessed with all the warm and cozy scents! Bring on the apple, the cinnamon, the cider, the spices, and the pumpkin smells! If you’re like us, then we figured you would love to know what our absolute favorite fall scented candles are!

Fall Scented CandlesPomegranate Cider

This delicious scent will remind you of a crisp fall evening. You are out at the pumpkin patch celebrating the upcoming holidays. The only thing missing is a nice steaming mug of cider. The local café has your fall favorite, pomegranate cider. It's the perfect twist on traditional apple cider, adding a little twang. You have the first sip feeling and you melt away into bliss. This scent is sweet and tangy. Our Pomegranate Cider candle is fan favorite!

There are hints of pomegranate, lemon, cranberry, and a sprinkle of spice!

Fall Scented Candles

Macintosh Apple

Imagine walking through an apple orchard on a crisp fall morning. This scent is fresh and bold. There are hints of pear, vanilla, bourbon, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

With this Macintosh Apple candle, you will be transported back to your favorite fall memories with your friends and family. The most exciting part is that you'll get to make even more memories this year!

Fall Scented Candles

Fallen Leaves

With this scent, you can imagine taking an afternoon stroll through the park. Leaves of every color are falling all around you and crunching under your feet. This crisp candle awakens your senses and you take in how beautiful nature can be. 

This scent is crisp and calming. There are hints of citrus, apple, air, and a touch of cinnamon.

Fall Scented Candles

Apple Lemon

Imagine picking crisp apples on a mid-day stroll while sipping on sweet, freshly squeezed lemonade. This apple and lemon candle is sure to have you relaxed and enjoying your afternoon on your front porch in no time!

This scent is sweet and tangy. There are hints of eucalyptus, sugar, orange, and of course apple and lemon.

Fall Scented Candle 

Cozy Candles Make Life Better

We’re not kidding - Autumn is the perfect time to cuddle up around the fire, bake cookies or pies, and drink cider! Why not have all of your favorite smells accessible to you with just the strike of a match?

All of our scents are mixed at just the right ratios to create a full scent throw unique to our brand. We knew we wanted our candles to be clean and eco-friendly and that is why we make all of our candles with 100% soy wax, free of paraffin, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals, and our wicks are lead and zinc free. We not only pour the best candles but we pour the best candles for our planet.

Can you imagine a better way to enjoy this fall than with eco-friendly, aromatic fall scented candles?

Fall Scented Candles


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Fall Scented Candles


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